Registered and Licensed Dietitian    Herbalist    Dynamic Energetic Healing Practitioner ,

My Life

I spend time co-creating in nature and out in my garden growing herbs, vegetables, greens, berries, flowers and trees.

Cooking and creating recipes that meet the needs of people like myself with food sensitivities and gluten intolerance has enabled me to live and enjoy  a diet low in starch and free of gluten, grains, and dairy.

By embracing indigenous foods and traditions, I have learned such knowledge is critical to restoring health and reversing chronic disease.  As part of my learning from our wisdom keepers I have been able to enjoy my love of travel here in the Pacific North West and up the coast to Alaska.

In Video

Recently, I tried my hand at producing a series of four videos. I want to share my advice and express my own experiences as a way for prospective clients to know more about me and my personal style.

Personal Dietary Solution  4 of 4

Nourishment  3 of 4

Enjoying our foods  2 of  4

Introduction to Diet Sensitivities 1 of 4